Tuesday, April 3, 2012

My first post

Hi, I thought I would start off by introducing myself and my craftroom. My name is Dottie and I have been crafting for as long as I can remember. It all started with my mom, she's a crafter and I used to help her out at bazaars and such. I loved going and seeing all the things people created and begging her for money to buy little nick nacks. I'm pretty sure she never made any money because I would spend it all. That brings me to another thing I love shopping! As you will see I love buying patterned papers. It's always amazing to me that they coordinate so well yet are all different. I also have recently started collecting stamps, it's crazy how many different designers and companies there are out there! I wonder where these have been all my life. This brings me to my crafting style. I usually am a clean and simple kinda girl, yet I am always amazed how some people can add so much to a card or layout and it still looks uncluttered. I thought I would share some pics of my craftroom since this is where I will be spending most of my blogging time.

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  1. Love your crafting space! I am so excited for your new blog!!


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